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blog on digital marketing intro

Blog on digital marketing is effective blogging is an essential part of an digital marketing strategy. It provide traffic to your website, generates new leads for your company, helps you nurture those leads, and gives you increased insight into your customer base. Write a blog on digital marketing means increase their traffic on websites social media etc.

Choose your blog from this list of most popular web design tools and blogging systems out there. You’ll know what a blogging system can do for your business, as well as why it might be the best choice for you.


Blogging is about creating content that would draw people to your site — either through articles you create or other assets that you publish on your blog.

It’s also about adding value to others who come across your blog, either through content that they see on your website, or via helpful links that you’ve published on your blog.

How to earn money through blog:

There are several ways to use blogging, depending on whether you want to blog for someone or make money. Here are some of the most common ways to monetize your blog (and your online presence).

 There are so many ways to make money off your blog. allows you to take ads from other websites and makes money off them. As you share your blog, Google, Bing, and Yahoo will show your blog. In turn, they will pay you to display your adverts on your blog and generate revenue through sponsored posts on your blog. Paid advertising platforms such as EBay, Amazon Associates, and others will pay for your ability to use these programs. Many of the affiliate sales programs allow you to earn commissions from products and services sold by other businesses.

Blogging on digital marketing tools:

Not all blogging is about you and promoting yourself. With branded blog posts, you can promote other businesses and products. Like blog on digital marketing tools ,Video Content & eBooks: These days, even social media sites such as Instagram and YouTube are allowing video content to become popular blogging . Video content is great for beginners and experienced bloggers alike. From product guides to tutorials, a tutorial is always worth looking at before you click on the link to

These days, even social media sites such as Instagram and youtube are allowing video content to become popular blogging formats. Video content is great for beginner and experienced bloggers alike.

Benefits of blog writing:

blog on digital marketing benefits
  • You can make money at least once a day while you are actively writing your blog posts. Starting with writing 10-20 words a day, maybe you’ll want to increase this number to 50 words a day, or even 100 a day if you want. Depending on your goals, you may only need to spend a few hours a month writing your blog, but you should still be able to grow your blog’s reach as you put effort into growing your blog.
  • The longer it takes to write a blog post, the less likely there are to be any responses to your posts. That said, if you are putting forth work daily, then you will not be able to write new content regularly for a long time. So it’s important to find a way to get your blog posts written quicker. . A typical article takes three to six weeks to post to your blog, and you might want to try posting daily. But when you first publish your article, it usually takes five to seven days to get a response to it.

Secure your blog on digital marketing:

When you send your blog post out to other websites, you are telling them where the next word in your blog title is located. As with every blog post, you want to make sure that when you send it out, that you are sending it towards the correct location. It’s particularly wise to make sure you include your name, phone number, email address, URL and/or your blog’s ID on each blog post that you send out. By doing this, Google will recognize that your blog post is coming from you if a search will match your name and it will pull your blog post from the top of the web page of that same destination. Best digital marketing agencies are her for take strict action again scammers and hackers.

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