Homecoming Party Games at a School Event

Homecoming is a tradition that evolved when the alumni football games were held at colleges and universities. This trend started to take roots in the mid 1800s. The schools and colleges arrange a lot of homecoming party games on that special day. We are going to mention a few homecoming party games, which you can line up in the list of games that you have created.

Homecoming Dance Contest

Homecoming dance contest is the most exciting event in the list of homecoming party games. You can keep the songs a surprise on which the participants will have to dance. You can select them from the early 70s to date and ask all the participants to make a circle and the person Jokegame123 whose name is called will enter that circle and dance on the songs or tunes that you have chosen. This game is filled with laughter and fun where all participants cheer and clap throughout the event. The person who performs the best will be selected by the panel of judges and will be awarded a prize.

Homecoming Jokes Contest

This is the most hilarious event among the homecoming party games. The participants who are interested in telling the jokes are asked to stand in front of the audience and share their jokes. The participant who tells the most interesting jokes is being selected by the audience through show of hands and that person is announced the winner and gets the title of King of Jokes.

There are some factions who really do not like the idea of homecoming parties because there are a lot of instances reported such as underage drinking, vandalism, and other obnoxious activities that make some people believe that homecoming parties are not a good idea.


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